Traveling To The United States This Year?

Then you’d better hurry, because it’s almost time for the Super Bowl!
The Super Bowl is the most amazing, most watched and most talked about sporting event in the world, even bigger than the biggest chariot races and gladiator spectaculars held in giant stadiums in ancient Roman times.
Super Bowl XLIX will be the 49th annual Super Bowl and will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
This will be the third time that the game has been played in the Phoenix area.
Kickoff will start the game at 6:30PM U.S. Eastern time on Sunday, February 1, 2015.
So what is the Super Bowl? It’s sponsored by the National Football League (NFL) which represents the top level of professional football played within all of the United States.
“Super Bowl Sunday” is the day when the ‘Big Game’ is played, and is now considered by many to almost be a new national holiday in America.

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Traveling to the United States From Asia – Part 2

Traveling to the United States From Asia, Part 2

In the first post we covered some of the scenery you might expect to see in several states in America.  Now we will cover how you can expect to travel throughout the U.S.  Again remember this is a tongue-n-cheek review, so take what we say with a little grain of salt :)
Yes, there are wonderful places to drive to and visit in America. But first, you must be prepared to understand how to get around America once you disembark from your trans-Pacific airline flight and land at an airport in America.
You see, the American public transportation system is nowhere near as well developed as it is in most Asian countries. In America, if you don’t have a car, you are like a cowboy of 150 years ago without a horse!
Upon arrival at an American airport, you will see a great number of companies that will rent you a car to drive. There is Hertz where they tell you that you are in the driver’s seat. Then there is Avis who tries harder to please you.
To rent a car in America, you first must produce a valid driver’s license with your picture and government serial number on it. The pleasant person working behind the car rental counter will check your driver’s license against a great number of American police databases — FBI, IRS, BATF, DHS, TSA, CIA, NSA, DOA, FCC, FDA — to make sure that you are not wanted anywhere in the world for criminal activity.
If your identity has been stolen in the past and you are identified as being someone who has recently committed a crime in your name, even when you are completely innocent(!), you can be held by American authorities for up to 48 hours until someone finally figures out that you are really you.
Once you have been fingerprinted, photographed and cleared of all charges, you will finally be able to rent a car from a car rental company.
The first thing you should do when you get your rental car is to look carefully under the seats, in the glove compartment and in the trunk to make sure that the previous person who rented that car did not leave behind any pills, needles, hash pipes, razor blades, bullets or other items that could be claimed to be yours in the event that you are ‘pulled over’ by an American police officer.
If an officer should stop you for driving even one mile per hour over the speed limit, or if you are not steering your car in the precise middle of the lane, or if you forget to engage your directional signal in advance of making a turn, or if you look ‘different’ or somehow suspicious in any way, the officer may ask you to get out of the car, in which case it could go very badly for you if any of the above items (called ‘paraphernalia’) are found in the car and are assumed to belong to you!
But not to worry, these things hardly ever happen. Besides, if you rent a luxury stretch limousine and let a courteous, professional and highly experienced limo driver chauffeur you around, you can be assured of an enjoyable American motoring experience with none of the aforementioned inconveniences.
So enjoy your trip to America, take in the beautiful scenery and above all, be safe in your elegant American limousine rental!

Traveling to the United States From Asia – Part 1

Traveling to the United States From Asia, Part 1

This tongue-n-cheek post will look at the pleasures and obstacles one may encounter when traveling from Asia to the United States of America.
Traveling to the United States can be so much fun! What a huge and wonderful country to explore, especially if you’ve never been there before. You’ll be tempted to want to rent a car and travel all over America to see it all.
There is every type of climate and terrain in the United States of America, like the deserts of Arizona where temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime, causing cars to overheat and bringing on a quick death due to dehydration for passengers who have forgotten to take large quantities of drinking water along with them.
At the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is where the highest land wind speeds and coldest temperatures on Earth have ever been recorded. Pour a glass of water and it will freeze before hitting the ground! Spend a few minutes outdoors and your entire body will become a solid ice cube!
For this reason it might be best not to drive all the way to the very top of Mount Washington. The scenery is still beautiful from half-way up where it is still warm enough outdoors to survive.
When the eagle spots its prey swimming just beneath the surface of the water, it pulls in its wings and dive bombs straight down, reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour, then opens its wings at the last possible second and scoops up its prey in its sharply pointed beak in a surprise attack that show no mercy!
It has happened only rarely, but eagles have been known to carry away puppies, kittens and even human babies in this manner, so it might be best if you have young children to stay in your car when driving through the American west.
South Florida is so warm and sunny and beautiful. Every once in a while an alligator is known to come up out of the water and attack pets in the back yards of Florida residents. Alligators have also occasionally been spotted on the sidewalks of southern Florida towns and have been known to take up residence in neighborhood swimming pools.
For this reason, it might be best to stay in your car when driving through southern Florida, especially since carjacking by youthful criminal gangs is also on the rise.
The forests of northern Maine are among the most lush and scenic in the world. If you didn’t know better, you might think you were in Siberia! Just be careful, because in the summertime you can be assured of encountering the largest black flies you ever saw! These flies swarm in the millions and can produce nasty bites that can leave you scratching and itching for days.
You might remain most comfortable staying inside your car when driving though northern Maine where you can enjoy the scenery fly-free.
North Dakota is one of the most naturally scenic places on Earth, where the land and the sky seem to go on forever. The brown bears usually leave travelers alone, unless you accidentally get between a mother bear and her cubs, in which case you can only wish that she has recently eaten and is not hungry.
For this reason, you might want to stay in your car when driving through the badlands of North Dakota, and make sure to keep driving faster than bears can run.
The American eagle can be found in the high mountain areas of the western USA and is one of the world’s most magnificent and successful predators. The American bald eagle can spot a fish swimming just beneath the surface of the water from a cruising altitude as high as 10,000 feet in the air!
When the eagle spots its prey swimming just beneath the surface of the water, it pulls in its wings and dive bombs straight down, reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour, then opens its wings at the last possible second and scoops up its prey in its sharply pointed beak in a surprise attack that show no mercy!
It has happened only rarely, but eagles have been known to carry away puppies, kittens and even human babies in this manner, so it might be best if you have young children to stay in your car when driving through the American west.
Now in part 2 we will cover getting around America and avoiding some less than ideal situations :)

Easy International Travel Tips

While traveling abroad can be exciting and adventurous, it can also be expensive and stressful.  This article will help you prepare for traveling abroad so you can save money, time and avoid losing your hair.

  • When traveling abroad do not take purses that can be opened easily.  Pick-pockets in foreign countries look for unsuspecting women that have easy to access pocket books.  If you take your purse or pocket book to a foreign country make sure you have a purse with a hard to access strap.  The harder you make access the less you will have to worry about pick-pockets.
  • Before going abroad do a little research on their customs and what is the acceptable behavior.  What goes in your country may not be well received abroad.  You have to remember when you are abroad you are in a sense representing the country where you live, so you want to make sure you understand the customs so you do not embarrass yourself our your country.
  • If you can avoid it, leave your cell phone at home, unless you have an international plan.  If you get a phone card in the country you will be traveling in, you will save more money than trying to use your cell phone without an international plan.
  • Be mindful of the taxi cabs you ride in when you are abroad.  If you do not have an idea where you are going then you can be taken advantage of.  When you are abroad, ask the hotel desk where is the location you plan to travel to, how long should it take to get there and what should the cost be.  That way you will have a better idea if the driver is trying to get over on you.
  • Make sure to make a color photo copy of your ID and Passport and put these in a safe secure place so if you lose them while you are on an adventure you have access to the copies and it will be easier to prove who you are and obtain assistance.

These tips can help you when traveling abroad, but always remember nothing beats preparation.  Make sure you have done your due diligence so your trip can be as safe and stress free as possible.  Things happen and you cannot control every aspect of your trip, but the better prepared you are the better chance you have of avoiding major debacles.

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